Holidaying In New Zealand: Islands Of Beauty

When the words New Zealand is heard, most think of the famous movie shot in this beautiful country. It is indeed a lovely piece of land with volcanoes and glaciers both. Many holiday makers mark a trip to this island in the Pacific Ocean mainly due to the wonders in there.

 Where to go?

All the cities are quite beautiful in the country. It is easy to book a tour with a reputed agency and explore the whole of it. As characteristic to islands there are harbours and beaches. But in New Zealand there are also sprawling grasslands and mountains as well. They are well known for world’s best golf courses and the mountain ranges are distinctive with rocky terrains. It is an ideal place for a lazy tour of golfing or an energetic trekking and mountain climbing trip. Several cities offer a lot of places to see and things to do, including Auckland which has a dormant volcano as the center of the oldest park in the city. Skating is a popular pastime in here; you can blend in withbuying and playing along with good quality skateboards Auckland.

Things to do

 New Zealand is a land of exquisite adventures. It offers a thousand things to do. Most tourists first visit the shoreline and the landscape. These areas offer opportunities for cycling trips or walking paths. In the water side, there are chances to experience a kayaking trip, go on sailing or try diving. If you are an extreme sport lover, there is bungy jumping, jet boating and sky diving. Zip lining and white water rafting also are right up there in the list. There are a myriad of places to choose from, of what you would like visit; the Hobbiton is a popular stop. Milford Sound is another place which, even the poet Rudyard Kipling has named as the eighth wonder of the world. It comprises of peaks covered in smoky clouds, blue waters, wildlife and an array of waterfalls. Southern lights and Waitomo Caves where you can witness the glow worms are also two must see places.

 Have a plan

 According to the number of days you can spend there, you must have a plan as to where to go and what to see. Of course it is impossible to cover the whole country let alone even one island. If you go to that one place don’t forget to visit important places as well as immerse in their cultures. For example, if you are in Northern islands, try a streetwear shop in Auckland. If you are in Hamilton take part in a middle earth excursion. If you want to have the real taste of it, book a wine tour in Marlborough for their celebrated Sauvignon Blanc.

 As a country with a cool climate and lots to see and do, New Zealand must be on top of any traveller’s bucket list.