Style Tips From Some Major Stylists

Want to be a fashionista? Well. We asked around some professional stylists and came up with the following hacks and tips which are going to give you some pointers on how to become one in no time.

  • Hate standing in lines and having to remove what you are wearing to try on pair of jeans? Don’t worry. The feel is very mutual. This is why there is this trick. Hold the jeans from its wait and wrap the waist around your neck, if the 2 ends meet each other without stretching or overlapping then that is your size!
    • I was given this tip from a personal stylist myself, but for an outfit to rock, all you need is just 3 things, that is; a pair of classic sunglasses, a leather handbag and a pair of shoes. This will actually create a great combination to whatever you are wearing.
      • Want to know how you would look in a color that you normally don’t wear? Don’t go straight to the outfit, try wearing an accessory of that color instead, maybe a bracelet or even lipstick for a change, see how it goes, see the responses you get and then accordingly buy the outfit.
        • A very rich looking wearable accessory can be created when wearing a vintage clip on earrings weighing the end of lightweight scarf.
          • You may not have to have a wardrobe filled with shoes s long as you have the right ones. For example, a style consultant Melbourne once stated that If you are looking for something to be worn literally everywhere, no matter what the occasion is, go with a pointed tie black pumps. They don’t have a specific season and they are absolutely flattering.
            • It’s always good to memorize the measurements of your shoulders, busy, waist and hip for the sizes mentioned o the items tend to differ from brand to brand.
              • When it comes to hairstyles, try those basic hairstyles you find on pinterest, they tend to look way more impressive than they actually are. For example, like braiding silk in the middle of the braid and etc.
                • You don’t need to have a closet filled with designer wear to get you that look. About 20 items of clothing can is totally enough to look great. With a pair of jeans and a t shirt and add a necklace or a bracelet to it or even some earrings would give you that instant polish look.

See what I mean? These tips shows you what easy it is to make yourself into a fashionista.